Monday, March 15, 2010

Killa D + Oldskool Greddy = Shit Gets Real

Angelo decided to bring out this badass oldschool Greddy Topmount turbo kit for his S14 SR swap. Shit is amazingly cool!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Motor in sorta...

Dropped the long block in for mock up purposes for the oil cooler and ps cooler setup. Found out a few things about this pump mounted reservoir to get more adjustment out of it. Anyway here's pics as always.

I really like this picture for some reason.
Pulled the old fire breathing motor out. This motor was dubbed the Devil's SR and is a story that could only be told around the camp fire lol. Fucking beast is all i can say for a STOCK motor.

Started fuel filter mock up. I wanted something i could replace over time not a 40 dollar inline jobber from Earls or something. So opted for a Fram HPG1 like 30 dollars from my job.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Caddillac On 22's

So decided to keep the "racecar" true to its name with a few "racecar" parts. Adding a full stainless power steering setup with a sweet pump mounted reservoir from KRC (if you dont know now you know).This little creature was found by Angelo (Killa D) after DAYS of on going research and a process i like to call "reinventing the wheel". Pretty sure we are the first, at least the first to broadcast this reservoir for use on a Nissan. Trust me ive searched. Ironically these reservoirs offered by KRC are designed for dirt track v8 setups utilizing rebuilt Nissan pumps. CRAZY

Any who it still needs a few little modifications to be 100% but its definately better than stock or running some ridiculous remote mount setup with 50 feet of line.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

New/Better pics of motor

Camera apparantly has some kinda issue with night photos so i took some better day shots.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Interior Fresh

Lately ive been playing with a few thigns to get my interior straight. Dont want full race car status so the car will retain most of the interior such as carpet but a few things are getting tossed like the HVAC. Friend of mine ordered some of the new 3m dry carbon material and wrapped up my center console. came out well and i plan to use it in a few more areas.

S15 SR Build

Ditched my 2 year LS1 project in favor of sticking to what i know best. Im sure plenty wouldnt have taken what nowadays would be considered a step down but i know what i want out of this car and this will preform flawless and i know it better than anything. Ill be documenting the build of my hatch along with other members cares periodically so stay tuned if your bored!

So far the motor consist of

s15 sr
s15 6 speed transmission
JE forged pistons
Cometic headgasket
HKS step 1's 256/256
JWT cam gears
B&M oil cooler with AN fittings
gt2871r .86
koyo radiator
LS1 coilpacks
10mm sparkplug wires

Monday, February 8, 2010


Had the first round of stickers made. more to come later!

Bigger one seen here on Vincents chariot